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Introduction to Surface Drive

Thruster Surface Drive 01

This is the first domestic surface drive developed by HIM Marine. HIM Marine’s surface drive is optimized for the marine environmental conditions of the Korean peninsula to show the best performance in any terrain. It maximizes the power performance of the ship by minimizing power loss and significantly improves the fuel consumption rate of the engine. It has a built-in “tilt device” patented by the company that enables optimal vessel operation, and the latest coating technology is applied to prevent corrosion by seawater.

Himmarine’s drive system is optimized for the tidal difference, which is one of the characteristics of the domestic ocean, and has a design that maintains the optimal tilt angle to show optimal performance in any conditions.

Himmarine’s surface drive has excellent durability by applying production technology optimized for seawater corrosion, making it possible to minimize after-sales service costs.

Among marine accidents in Korea, the propeller of the drive and the net are tangled, and accidents occur frequently. However, due to the design characteristics of Himmarine’s drive, the stability of the drive propeller is secured under any operating conditions.

  • Hydraulic system
  • Operation Angle
    Tilt : 42°±3°
    Swing : 23°±3° ( Left & Right )

Surface Drive Specifications

Input Max. Torque

700 Nm

Input Rotation Max. Speed

2,500 rpm

Steering angle right / left each


Trim angle



Aluminum(body) / Bronze(Propeller)


91 kg

surface drive video

video description

Directional control performance test of surface drive for domestic shipboard 1
This is a test video of the direction control performance of the surface drive for inboard board developed by Himmarine.
Surface Drive Model Name: HM80SA
Usable output range: 200 PS
Direction adjustment range: left 23 degrees, right 23 degrees
Tilt adjustable range: 42 degrees
Mounted engine model name: HM22DPA
Output : 175~200PS@4,000rpm
Displacement : 2157cc(2.2Liters)