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Frequently Asked Questions

When purchasing HIM Marine products, the HIM Marine service team directly receives the necessary information for product registration from the customer and then registers (maintains) on himmarine.co.kr.

If you purchased HIM Marine products through other circumstances, please contact the HIM Marine Customer Center separately.

As long as you do not refuse to contact us in accordance with HIM Marine’s personal information registration procedure, we will notify you of the latest information on purchased products and related products through the registered information.

In case of simple repair or replacement, it is within about 5 business days from the date of receipt of A/S.

However, depending on the contents of the A/S application, the lead time may be slightly longer. Thank you for your understanding.

Some maintenance is possible by the user using the appropriate tools.

For maintenance, be sure to refer to the maintenance manual provided on the website.

* Please check “CHAPTER 10 inspection items and intervals” in the maintenance manual.

※ It is difficult for users to perform maintenance that can directly affect engine performance. Be sure to contact the head office for A/S inquiries.

※ If the user arbitrarily disassembles and assembles parts that can directly affect engine performance, it is difficult for us to guarantee engine performance.

The product must not be operated out of water (on land). The engine may be damaged.

However, when operating to clean the outboard, remove the propeller first and then supply fresh water through the cleaning adapter on the outside of the outboard motor to operate.

※ For detailed explanation, please refer to the maintenance manual on the website.

※ When cleaning, be sure to remove the propeller.

For smooth operation and durability of the product, please observe the following conditions and replacement intervals for oil.

For HIM marine diesel engine : ACEA-E5 Grade API CI04 Grade), SAE 5W30, MB 229.51 approved oil

For HIM marine gasoline and LPG engines : SAE 10W/40, 5W/40 or higher viscosity oil or API SH grade or higher (MB SHEET 229.1, 222.3) oil

The oil change interval should be changed after the first 100 hours of operation, and then every 200 hours thereafter.

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